The driving force behind Skin Digital is to compliment and heighten the original photography to achieve an iconic image that is both striking and real. Special sensitivity is paid to the qualities of color, texture, and lighting. Whether you need a beauty shot retouched or a highly complex still-life composite assembled, Skin Digital can deliver a finely crafted image that looks great and retains the essential essence of a photograph.

Skin Digital has steadily produced high-end CGI/3D renders and 3D/photographic blends over the last 3 plus years. The Studio has created numerous cosmetic hero shots, packaging, liquid effects, jewelry, logos, product visualizations, and interior visualizations. With our extenisive resume of premium still life retouching, we combine the techincal and artistic skill to translate that wealth of experience into creating superior photorealistic 3D renders with a precision of lighting, textural detail and composition.

From screen to magazine to web, we utilize the best technical equipment to ensure precise color management so our clients can be confident in the reproduction of their art. The Studio proofs on state-of-the-art Eizo monitors and rigorously maintains the calibration of screens, printers, and papers using spectrophotometers and baselines set by IDEAlliance.

We take the art of printing seriously and have produced final prints for gallery exhibtions and sale for numerous photographers. Skin Digital combines it’s knowledge of wet printing with cutting edge fine art inkjet papers to produce gorgeous prints across a wide variety of media.